Wireless Switch Controller Joys Con Gamepad For Switch Control With Straps Dual Vibration Joysticks For Switch Joypad

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Switch Joypad (L/R) Controller Wireless Controllers For Switch Replace Joy pad Joysticks with Strap Gamepad


1.Equipped with 6 axis gyroscope; accurate positioning; suitable for all kinds of racing shooting and running games.
2.linear vibration with stronger amplitude; can get more realistic gaming experience; compatible for Mario Party; Mario kart...etc.
3.The Joysticks can achieve remote wake up and sleep wake up.
4.Applicable to most of switch games; as well as various peripherals such as protective cover; thumbstick cap etc.


1. The Controller is produced by third-party factories; Not Original.
2. Amiible function of NFC is not supported; that is; the ability to brush equipment is not supported in Zelda games.
3. It has no infrared camera imaging function. For example; when playing robot dog games; the front will be blocked by the hand;
and the robot dog will not get close to the hand and will not stop when it reaches the position.
4. In the robot dog; it is not supported to adjust the frequency of digital code to achieve the maximum resonance point of the motor;
but to achieve a large thrust; change the frequency and change the vibration strength to achieve the turning function of the robot dog.
5. The handle sound function is not supported in Mario kart 8 deluxe edition.
6.The controller can be charged on the console.but it will be stopping charging; since the console is in sleep mode.
The controller also can be charged on TV dock or Professinal Joypad charger .


The product packing box is occasionally changed; but the quality of the product is always outstanding.

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