Active Shutter 3D Glasses 4 Pack; Rechargeable Bluetooth 3D Glasses (GREEN)

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Take 3D entertainment to a whole new level right at home. Bring your favorite movies and more to life with these GT05 active shutter 3D glasses that feature a lightweight design for comfortable wear. These 3D glasses enable you to experience eye-popping home entertainment in the comfort of your own living room with your family. It’s convenience and even fit most eyeglasses.

Active Shutter 3D GlassesRechargeable and lightweight

How does active shutter 3D glasses work?

Active 3D display technology works by sending slightly different images to the left and right eyes; which creates the three-dimensional effect. In order to make sure the correct image is displayed for each eye; the active 3D glasses rapidly open and closed in a shuttering effect. The shuttering is so fast you shouldn't be able to perceive it.


Features:Synchronous: Bluetooth

Transmission: ≥37%

Net Weight: 46g

Charge Time: about 2 hours

Contentiously Working Time: 40 hours

Battery Type: 3.7V / 60mAh

Response Time: 2.0ms

Frequency: 120HZ

Compatibility: 3D Active Glasses Support following Model:

(1). Compatible with Epson TW5810; TW6510; TW6515; TW8100; TW8515; TW9100; TW9515

(2).Compatible with Epson projector: a. Home Cinema 2150/3000/3100/3500/3600e/3700/3900/4000 b. PowerLite Home Cinema 2000/2030/2040/2045 Wireless/3020/3020e/5020UB/5020UBe/5025UB/5030UB/5030UBe/5040UB/5040UBe/750HD c. PowerLite Pro Cinema 4030/6020UB/6030UB/LS10000/LS9600e d. Pro Cinema 6040UB/LS10500

(3). Compatible with Panasonic 3D TV Model : TX-40AS640B/55AS640B/48AX630B/40CX700B/55CX700B/65CX700B/50CX802B/85X942B; etc...

(4). Compatible with Sony 3D BT TV Model : KDL-55W805B/55W829B/60W850B/70W850B/43W809C/50W805C//55W805C/55W807C/65W859C/75W855C etc... KD-55X8505C/55X8507C/65X8508C/65X8509C/75X8505C/55S8005C/65S8005C/55S8505C/75S9005B /85X9500B ; etc...

(5). Compatible with Samsung 3D BT TV Model : UE48H6200AK/60H6200AK/40F6320AK/48H6400AK UE/55H6400AK/65H6400AK/40H6410SU/48H6500ST/55H6500ST /65HU7500T/85HU7500T/78HU8500T /55JS9000T/65JS9000T; etc...

Why choose active shutter 3D glasses?

The 3D image resolution is the same as the 2D image displayed on the same television. This is because the left and right eye images are displayed in a sequential fashion and are in sync with TV or the projector’s screen refresh rate and the opening and closing of the LCD shutters in the glasses.

It displays more detail to each eye. The alternating-frame technology means a full 1080p image is shown to each eye; rather than the half frame.

The viewing experience is closer to the one experienced in cinema and movie theaters.